Saturday, 26 March 2011

Versace Heat V2042-W

I've had this polish for a really long time. If I had to guess, something like 10 years. I quite like the color, sort of rusty brick red with a very subtle shimmer. For me it is a one coat polish, it dries ok, not super fast, but I put it down to age.
However, I don't like two things about this polish, or more like the three Versace polishes I have in general. First of all, the name, or the lack of it. V2042-W. If you really want to call your polishes with numbers, go for simpler ones. I also have a problem with the bottle shape. I have about half of the bottle left, but to get the polish out is rather difficult, since the bottle is wide and the edge at the top is at a straight angles, no matter how much you tilt it, it stays trapped inside. Am I making myself clear? :)

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