Sunday, 13 March 2011

Orly Shine

I seem to go through three distinct stages for when I wear and buy nail polish. My polishes are also organized in the same way - nudes and light pinks; reds and more vibrant pinks; and all the rest, the weird colors, such as greens and blues etc.
Orly Shine belongs to the last group, I wonder what I was thinking when buying this. I got it some time ago when I wanted to try the ruffian manicure. Haven't really worn it since.
Shine does go on really rather well, it's a bright silver foil. I like that there is no visible brush strokes, and you can probably wear it in one thick coat, here I'm wearing two thin coats. I don't like it for a full manicure, for my taste it is just too much, however I would use it as an accent.

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