Saturday, 12 March 2011

OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Mmm! I'm really happy right now. I've wanted this polish for what seems forever. And as it often happens, this was precisely the polish I couldn't find anywhere. Until very recently, when I spotted on ebay, being sold literally in the country next to mine, for a reasonable price and shipping. Yes!
So here it is, Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede. A beautiful dark green polish. It dries really quickly, and the application is much better than the blue suede I have. Two coats is plenty to make the polish nice and even. Oh and I managed to wear this polish for three days, which pleasantly surprised me.

Plus of course it looks amazing with a top coat on. What a beautiful shimmer! The polish looks so different when matte and shiny that I have trouble deciding which one I prefer. Both are really stunning.


  1. I don't like matte formulas, but this one looks amazing with a top coat!

  2. Amazing! I thought I didn't need this polish but I'm hesitating now haha. Beautiful nails you have ^^

  3. @Jane Thank you! I don't own many green polishes, but this one is special.