Thursday, 31 March 2011

China Glaze OMG

OMG indeed!!! My local shop where I get almost all my polishes is having 25% off China Glaze for the next month. Seemed like a great time to try the brand again, perhaps it will be better than Innocence. I got two polishes for now, this and Dorothy Who? for the equivalent of 11$.
OMG is a silver holographic polish with very fine particles. I mean they are tiny, like dust. Even with great magnification you cannot see individual particles. The polish itself is quite lovely, more than that really! The formula is thin, but the polish builds up nicely. Here I'm wearing two coats. When I put it on there were brush marks visible, but they are less noticeable when the polish dries. What is quite noticeable is any imperfections of the nails. So I think I'll need to get a good ridge filler for the base.
Another thing I like about this polish is that the holographic effect is noticeable even in without the sun and in artificial light, even if it is less pronounced.


  1. Really gorgeous! I love this polish!
    I use it for stamping in my last mani and the effect is awesome....

  2. I've been in search of this color for EVER! It looks gorgeous with your skin tone! =]