Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ramblings etc.

True story: Yesterday some kids came trick-or-treating at 11 pm. It's a pity that I just took off my skull make up a few minutes before that. Those kids said "candy or your life" in a really flat tone and proceeded to argue when I told them it wasn't Halloween yet.

Today I barely had any time to think, let alone blog. My dad has been asking me to bake a specific kind of bread that he remembers from his youth. So I finally caved in and it turned out that the recipe is extremely time consuming and specific. Let's just say that I started it last night and only finished it a couple of hours ago. It seems that people had way too much free time on their hands 30-40 years ago. All the kneading, waiting, kneading some more... In the end I produced a nice-looking loaf, but it took such a long time!

Also in between all of the baking, I was helping my mum collect all the fallen leaves. That's probably one of the most mind-numbing jobs. We've been at it for days and there are still more leaves every day.

Here is the sight that greets me every morning. Felix, the laziest cat in the world, doesn't appreciate that I get up early when he wants to keep on sleeping, that I turn on the lights etc.

Also my conservative I-only-wear-pale-pink mum has been rocking red and gold shatter look on her nails a few days ago. And today she has pale green holo on (China Glaze L8R G8R).


  1. Felix looks so cool. =D And your mom has really nice hars. They looks quite youthful.

  2. Love your mum's mani! And Felix is quite handsome, so I can forgive the laziness. :)