Monday, 10 October 2011

China Glaze Meteor Shower

Hey guys! Finally I can show you this, China Glaze Meteor Shower. I'm just drooling over this polish, it's so beautiful. No, scratch that, it is not just beautiful, this is probably the most beautiful polish I've ever owned or tried. Yes, I like it that much! Meteor Shower is packed with lots and lots of different colourful and iridescent glitter. It reminds me of the night sky. This needed just two coats, but it dries bumpy from all the glitter. Normally it doesn't matter to me at all, but in this case I used a few coats of top coats. I can wear it either way really, it is still stunning to me.

I also love how it shifts colour in different light sources. Sometimes the base colour is more prominent, and in other cases it is the glitter that pops out!

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