Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pre-birthday shopping

Tomorrow is my birthday, so it seems a reason as good as any to shop for nail polish and get a few lemmings. I'm really good at justifying for myself why I should get a certain polish or three :) Some of these I got last week and some today.

China Glaze Meteor Shower, Kaleidoscope Him Out, OPI DS Glamour.

And here I keep saying that I'm not a fan of blue polishes!
Meteor Shower is a gorgeous glitter! Reminds me of a night sky. Now, I showed you Kaleidoscope Him Out previously when my friend got it. I figured that I would regret not getting it while the local shop still has it. I think it is the only one from that collection that is left. DS Glamour I have wanted for a while now, but somehow couldn't persuade myself to spend that amount of money on just one polish. I must say it looks gorgeous in the bright electric light, so I cannot wait to see it in bright sunlight.

OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight, Diva of Geneva, China Glaze Jitterbug.

After organizing my stash I am not surprised that I buy berry reds and pinks. So it's not a surprise really that I wanted the first two. Diva of Geneva has been sold out around here for a long time, but I spotted a bottle today and I accidentally found Lincoln park at Midnight. I got Jitterbug last week when China Glaze was 20% off here.

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