Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Essence #50 Irreplaceable

You know it's autumn when you only manage to take one decent picture a day and have to run around the house to catch any glimpse of sunlight and to be on stand by for when the rain stops. I am already starting to dread the next 5+ months when everything will be drained of colour and everything will look grey, the sky, the ground and even the air.
Today I have for you guys a really ordinary-looking polish, but it isn't. It is a sort of neutral beige with a hint of grey, but mixed in is a ton of tiny light gold flakies. This needed just two coats. It also wears surprisingly well for a polish that doesn't coast a whole lot - three or four days for me. Also I think this is one of those cases when my photos don't do the product justice, it looks so much better in real life.
Polishes like this make me earn for more Essence products, but unfortunately they are not available at all where I live :(


  1. This polish just glows - love it!

  2. Pretty! I had to go check my spreadsheet to make sure I had it, or it was going on my wish list. :)