Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Blue Polishes etc.

My life has been manic the last couple of weeks. Last Thursday was my last lecture ever for the foreseeable future. I hadn’t realised that until yesterday. This week I have exams every single day.
Also I’ve found that my cat hates women in skirts. This mo
rning he looked at me in terror as if I were an alien and ran away.

My mum has pointed out that we have more nail polish than polish than we need (again), while I proceeded to make a point that we don’t with blue polishes that I don’t wear a lot of. My quote of “I have no more than 10 blue polishes” came back to bite me.

When I painted all of my blues on a nail wheel I was proven SO wrong.

Top row look more purple but I would call them blue. All polishes are two coats.

Tone Lise Design, no idea which shade this is

OPI Ink Suede

OPI DS Glamour

Essence 78 Blue Addicted

OPI Play Til Midnight

Glaze Meteor Shower
OPI Simmer & Shimmer

Full wheel:

1 – Buk 112

2 – SpaRitual Full of Life

3 – Essence 53 You Belong To Me

4 – Catrice 540 Am I Blue Or Green?

5 – Orly Gumdrop

6 – Barry M 295 Turquoise

7 – China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out

8 – Revlon 320 Ocean Breeze

9 – Essence 55 Let’s Get Lost

10 – China Glaze DV8

11 – Essence 38 Choose Me!

12 – OPI Catch Me in your Net

13 – Essence 24 Under Water

14 – Misa On the Edge

15 – China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires

16 – China Glaze Dorothy Who

17 – Essence 76 Hard To Resist

18 – Jessica 816 Blue Diamond

I now realize that I forgot to add a few polishes to the wheels, off the top of my head I’m missing H&M Peppermit Fusion, OPI Midnight Blue Glitter, one of my frankens, and probably something else. I am also happy that there aren’t too many dupes.

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