Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dior Aloha

This was a gift for my birthday from my parents' friends. Dior Electric Tropics 638 Aloha is a bright orange nail polish. Think orange highlighter, just slightly more vibrant. I have no idea how to describe the finish - it's not a creme or a jelly, it has some neon in it and dries kind of matte. When I first tried it was a disappointment, after three coats it was still sheer and made the VNL look really bad.
Today I decided to try again. I noticed that some residue settled at the bottom. Lots of shaking l and two coats later I have a look that I am mostly satisfied. The nail line is still visible but it is a significant improvement on my previous attempt, and the look doesn't bother me. I like the brushes in these polishes, they are rounded and flare out a lot, plus they pick up a lot of polish.

I had some orange felt around and the match is very close.

This polish is called fluorescent and in ultraviolet light it is still bright orange.

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