Sunday, 20 November 2011

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

I've bee a bit lazy with regards to my blog recently. Friday was the Independence Day here, which means a national holiday, so no studies or lectures. Yeah! Also as part of the celebration hundreds of candles were placed along the roads where I live, it looked gorgeous!
I was also somehow coerced into going to see the latest Twilight film, I'm still confused how that happened. Oh. my. It was bad bad bad. Trying to erase the image of it from my mind. I spent the rest of the weekend reading an exorbitant amount of academic articles on globalization for a class I have on Monday. That was a boring weekend.

I did not expect to like this at all, I mostly expected to hate it. I've always had this notion that brown polishes are dull and unimaginative. When I wear nail polish I like bright, fun colours, and brown is as far away from that as possible.
This polish was a gift and when I first put it on... I loved it! I like how it looks and how it feels, I think it goes fairly well with my skin tone. This is two coats and it goes on really well, dries quickly and wears fairly well.

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  1. OMG! I love your nails! This is such a rich shade of brown and goes with your skin tone perfectly! Glad that I've found your blog - go to my blogroll :>