Sunday, 6 November 2011

Saturday hell

I mentioned yesterday that my Saturday was out of the ordinary. I was at the crack of dawn, since I had a lot to do. First I had to post a polish for a swap, and the visit to the post office early in the morning was a total bitch-fest. I have no idea why, but every time I need something at the post office, the workers (all women) go out of their way to be as unhelpful as possible. This time was no exceptions; in short, they refused to mail the package, citing that the mail does not ship any liquids. No liquids, my ass. I'm not even going to mention that I have sent polishes before, received perfume by post last month, or that there's no 'no liquids' info on the national post web site. The best part - when my dad went to post the same package, not only did he not encounter any problems, but he was not even asked what was in it. [In my family we lovingly refer to this whole situation as class hatred]

Anyway, after that I actually had to go to the university. A few weeks back my university together with the British Council announced an English language competition. Well, I like English well enough, and answered the preliminary test just for fun. Lo and behold, I made it to the final. That's where the catch lies; each person had to make a speech on a specific topic and I don't enjoy public speaking, I get really nervous and my vocabulary goes down the drain.
Yesterday was no exception, plus I had to go first. Oh dear! When I finished and took my seat I nearly burst into tears, that's how bad I thought it went. Many speeches later I didn't feel as bad, but still was ashamed at my attempt at public speaking.
Apparently the judges looked at other factors other than nervousness, so when they announced the results I won!! Call me totally gobsmacked! I won a whole bag of British Council goodies and a Kindle. I love the Kindle!

This brings the number of Kindls we have to three, one for each family member. I love them!! They are so handy and we all love reading.

Also I don't believe that I shared what my parents gave me for my birthday last month - lots of polishes. A lot of them are my mum's taste, like pale ones and pinks, but she also picked out some more unusual shades. I usually pass by all the copper and brown shades, so I was surprised that I really like how Suzi Loves Cowboys looks on me.


  1. Patiesībā tajā pasta mājaslapā var atrast info par precēm, ko aizliegts sūtīt uz citām valstīm (piemēram, jebkāda kosmētika uz USA). Un, protams, nagu lakas skaitās flammable tāpēc tās vispār ir aizliegtas. Tā ka swapping ir diezgan sarežģīti noorganizējams hobijs šeit, agrāk bija vieglāk, tik ļoti nekontrolēja.
    I am totally jealous of your English! I am studying English philology and my English is nowhere near that good. And congrats of course! ;)

  2. @justasachildof10mightact I am not so much mad that you can't send nail polish, but more of the double standards - I was denied and my dad sent it just fine